Since 1967


West Foods is still a family owned business
that was created on September 1st, 1967 in downtown Edison, Georgia. Our first store was a 2300 sq. ft. building. In 1969 we got involved with various state grocery associations and the various promotional levels for the food industry. This helped our business grow and make our business better.

In 1970 we built our current store. West Foods is now one of the longest standing full line grocery stores in the State of Georgia. We have been in the same building and at the same location for 37 years. During that time we have expanded twice and remodeled twice.

We entered the catering business about 1975 and have catered all kinds of meals. Primarily prime rib, steak, BBQ and chicken. We sell a lot of cooked meat to people many miles away.

We cater 50 to 75 miles, primarily around the surrounding counties. We will go a further distance when we feed 100-200 people or more.

We sell a lot of cooked prime rib and have developed a techinique and a knack for doing prime rib. We can do it very successfully and the product is really good.

We know how much food to prepare to feed a number of people. 100 or 1000, we know what the menu or recipes have got to be to prepare food for a given number of people. We are going to offer a menu planning service for people who want to feed 100 people or 1000 people and don't know how much food to buy. Whether its potato salad, bruswick stew, or cooked quail, prime rib, roast beef and potatoes, etc., we can describe how to do it for a small fee.

Besides being a full line retail super market, we are also a full service cook operation. We provide lots of service to lots of people because we are competitively priced.


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